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What sets Prevent Medical apart from the others?

Prevent Lifeguards
We offer an array of Public Safety Solutions for your operation. Take a look!

Scalable Medical Centers

During our pre-planning phase, we work with you to select key locations where medical activations would be best suited. There are many factors that factor into these decisions.

From multiple full-scale medical centers, to quick-look First-Aid and triage tents, we have you covered. 

Unified Command Centers

The heart and brain of any event! We offer support, set-up, management, CAD solutions, communications implementation, and more!

We have some of the best partners in the business that can offer CCTV, facial recognition, crowd analytics, and radio communications. 

Safety Management Teams

We have a long list of active Firefighters, Paramedics, EMT's and other dedicated public safety staff that we can deploy at your event. This level of field management ensures that the event moves along as incidents arise.


We have the experience and know-how to mitigate these sensitive situations and reduce event impact. 

Prevent Event Physicians
Board Ceritified Emergency Physicians

Local EMS and Ambulance Coordination

As your event approaches, we will open up communcation channels with local EMS officials, hospitals, and Fire Departments to ensure seamless cooperation. 

We also handle contracting EMS transportation for your event. 

Occupational Health Centers

Your staff are the backbone to your operation. We offer Occupational Health activations that are separate from guests and patron treatment areas. We work with employees, talent, vendors and workers to ensure that proper treatment and follow-up is completed to get them back to work!

IV Therapy 

We offer IV Therapy!

Whether you need IV hydration for staff or for purchase by guests, artists, or talent, we have scalable solutions!

Perfect for events with high temperatures!

LifeForce IV


Required to have certified lifeguards at your event? 

We cover events with waterslides, wave-pools, pool parties, VIP cabanas, movie shoots and everything in between.

Don't let a lifeguard shortage derail your event plans. We have the ability to cross train staff to ensure that you are covered.

RTF - Rescue Taskforce Trained Personnel  

The collaboration between law enforcement and medical professionals in an RTF model aims to minimize the time it takes to reach and treat victims during critical incidents.

We currently have two medical directors and a team of dedicated personnel that enter your event ready to respond to higher level incidents. 

Incident Reporting Systems

We understand the importance of proper documentation and investigation of incidents that have the potential require legal representation. 

We have the ability to staff your event with experienced incident report writers to ensure that you have proper documentation and prompt notification of any injuries or incidents that arise during your event. 

Prevent Medical Response Carts

Our Partnerships

Event Radios and Systems

Communications Direct

We have partnered with one of the most progressive and dynamic event-minded groups of professionals to ensure event radio systems and communications run efficiently. 

Prevent will work with you to develop your radio system and ensure that redundancy and contingencies exist. 

CCTV & Security Management

Odin Risk Solutions

Leveraging CCTV technology to assist event operations, security, and safety is where ODIN excels. From real-time attendance counts, to parking spots remaining in an off-site lot, ODIN has solutions that can integrate seamlessly with local Law Enforcement. 

ODIN also offers some of the highest-trained security managers in the industry. Having managers that understand event operations ensures that your contracted security line-staff are correctly placed and fulfilling their mission. 

Event CAD Systems

Ontrack Tech Group

OnTrack is an integrated ecosystem of event technologies that gives event organizers full control over their operations along with rich data of the most critical aspects. Prevent will handle the build-out, implementation, and training of the CAD system. 

Prevent utilizes iPhones running FIRSTNET and OnTrack CAD solutions to map, track, and document in real-time. 

Event Communications with FIRSTNET

FirstNet by AT&T

Communications are one of the first mission-critical components of any event that tend to fail (System Overload, Cellular Network Strength, Remote Venues, hardware failure, etc).


With AT&T FIRSTNET on band-14, we are able to utilize a COW, SATCOLT, or CRD to support insufficient networks and even create a network off the grid. 

Reach out to us for more information on how we can support your event!

FirstNet CRD
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