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Event Public Safety & Medical Solutions. redefined.

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Public Safety


Scalable Medical 

Center Activations

Occupational Health

Unified Command Center Operations

Incident Reporting & Investigation

Emergency Incident Deployment

Fire Camp Medical Solutions

Large Incident Community Health Response

Disaster Response & Support

Prevent Medical Solutions

450+ Licensed Staff Roster

Prevent Medical Solutions has a growing list of some of the best, and vetted, medical personnel from the region and even some from other states.

Scalable Medical Centers

We have set the national bar in the event industry with scalable medical center activations. We are able to bring ICU-level care to events and gatherings from 1000 staff and attendees to north of 185,000.

Trained Staff.
Better Customer Service.

We take pride in requiring emergency experience and ensure current and active certifications when seeking employment, so you can rest assured that your medical staff are up for any challenge that comes their way.


We have launched Prevent Training Solutions which allows us to train our staff in-house and ensure they are continually advancing in their field, learning and refining their skills, and advancing their certification levels. Take a look HERE!

Prevent EMS In Action
By: 2Lovely4Words

Prevent EMS In Action

Scalable Medical Centers

Scalable Medical Center Activations

We are able to activate a medical center in almost every environment or situation, from triage areas and lower acuity treatment rooms to 80+ bed medical centers and robust critical care areas. 

Prevent Medical "Beach"

Industry Leaders

In 2023, Prevent Medical Solutions protected over 1.7 Million attendees and staff!

We have set the bar in the event industry when it comes to scalable medical center activations. We are able to bring ICU level care to events and gatherings from a couple of hundred attendees, to over 185,000!

Prevent Medical Patch

We are redefining event medical and public safety. We have you covered!